Hrm Assignment Topics

Arguments for the role of HRM in an organization

Authors present different arguments for the role of HRM in organization. One argument revolves around the distinction between the best and the so-called best practice. Another argument is related to the differentiation of HRM towards specific groups of employees. The third argument revolves around a clear distinction present between intended HR practices that are designed at the strategic level, actual HR practices that are implemented by line managers, and perceived HR practices that employees of the organization perceive.

There are several factors that needs to be learned and understood in HRM studies and students find it difficult to analyse how to understand this diversified concept and implement these in the online assignment writing process or writing essay or dissertation. Students get assignments, essays, dissertations, report writing tasks from their colleges and universities related to HRM topic, and need to do extensive research and analysis of the practical aspects and thus find it difficult to analyse and write such assignments and dissertations. So, they seek help of assignment helpers to assist them in completing their work and help them to gain good grades.

The four major assignment practices which were assigned to students revolving around most of the strategic HRM programmes of HR department are recruitment and selection assignment help, training and development assignment help, performance appraisal assignment help and management assignment help, and contingent pay and reward schemes assignment help. These practices not only reflect the primary objectives of the majority of programmes in HRM, but they also represent the combination of practices that are in correspondence to the so-called High Performance Work Systems. They are also parallel to some of crucial practices generally associated with AMO (Ability-Motivation-Opportunity) theory. Thus, a relationship exists between way of implementing HRM and exploring the link between HRM and performance.

Critical analysis on the link between HRM practices and organisational performance, implied in the high performance label

In the context of understanding HRM-performance linkage, two different approaches exist for confirming the significance and role of human resources and its management on creating an influence on organizational value. The first approach reflects the existence of a direct relationship between HRM practices and high-level organizational performance. The second approach stresses on indirect relationship between HRM practices and high-level organizational performance.

As per the Guest (1997) model, the expectancy theory of motivation is one of the possible bases for development of a rationale between the links of HR-Performance. It proposes that at the individual level, performance is dependent on holding necessary skills, high level of motivation, and an appropriate understanding of the role. The proposal is a motive to select such HRM practices that can encourage role structure, motivation, and skills. Only these HRM practices influence HRM outcomes, which consequently results in financial outcomes.

As identified in the research by Savaneviciene and Stankeviciute (2010), Becker et al model (1997) links mediating variables, such as motivation, employee’s skills and job design to HR related outcomes such as creativity and productivity. These outcomes lead to distal outcomes such as improved operations, performance, profits and growth. Purcell et al (2003) gave people-performance framework that focuses on abilities of employees, motivations, and opportunities for participation. Wright and Nishi (2006) model includes intended HR practices, perceived HR practices, and reactions and performance of employees.

Savaneviciene and Stankeviciute (2010) identify a similarity among all these models by stating a common basis of all models in a linear causal process. Earliest models only proposed a fit between strategy of the firm and HR practices in a generic outcome named performance of the firm. The four models added a layer of complexity to every variables leading to HR outcomes and distal outcomes.

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Managing employees and using workforce efficiently is one of the challenging tasks that we encounter on a daily basis. Human resource assignment poses such problems in front of students. Professor creates assignments keeping the practical problems related to the organization. Our Human Resource assignment help providers understand the practical HR problems and provide the finest solution to the assignments. Human resource management (HRM) is another named for HR. Throughout the page, you will learn about the services related to HR assignment and homework help. Human resource management allows implementing the strategies to bring out innovation, productivity and efficiency of the organizational workforce.

Allassignmenthelp has been helping students from various regions belonging to different universities. Moreover, due to the different location of the universities and work culture, perception towards human resource homework varies. Tutors working with Allassignmenthelp hail from the different geographical locations and understand an HRM well, offering the best assistance and service to the students who need HR assignment help from us


Before taking up Human Resource Management (HRM) as your major area of study, it is important to understand the topics that HR covers. According to the CIPD UK, as analysed by our HR Assignment Help experts, human resource can be classified into twelve major topics. Employment law, Learning and Development, Corporate Strategy, Functions of HR, Performance Management, Diversity and Equality, Recruitment, Reward Management, Management of Talent, Employee Relation, Health, Safety, well-being and Management and business skills. Topics mentioned above constitute a complete field of Human Resource Management. Our human resource assignment help tutors provide HR essay writing, HRM assignment writing services for all the areas of Human Resource.

Branches of Human Resource Management (HRM)

  1. Employee Relations : It is a common area from which students get lots of questions on exams and assignments. Managing employee relations is the foundation of employee retention. Employee relation touches upon the absence, communication and consultations, dismissals, flexible working hours and psychological contract with employees. Our HR Assignment Help experts go on to state that if a company witnesses too much absence, it is problematic. Most of the times reason for the absence is valid, but the company has to keep a check on the employee absence. HRM covers creating of the holiday management portal, flexibility in working hours and much more. Employee engagement is another front that requires special attention from the students. Employee engagement homework concerns the promotional activities and team building activities that promote employee interest towards the organization.
  2. Health, Safety, and Well-Being: Companies offer various insurance plans to keep their employees covered. It is imperative for the companies to provide insurance to the employees. Furthermore, it is necessary for the companies to organize health and safety measures sessions for the employees. HRM case studies that students need to solve are more about planning health and safety camps for an organization. Professors evaluate such assignments on the basis of the plausibility of the scenario provided by the student. HR Assignment Help experts working with allassignmenthelp has years of experience in Human resource departments of the companies. Our Human Resource Assignment Help tutors understand the measures that are necessary to support the health and safety of the employees. If you are looking for an authentic and quality assignment solution, please reach out to us on our online assignment submission chat.
  3. Recruitment, Reward Management and Talent management: It is what everyone expects the human resource department to handle and rightly so. Recruitment and management of the recruits are the primary functions of the human resource department, and the student learns these practices while studying HRM at the university. As per the studies industries are facing talent crisis, and it is getting difficult for the HR units to find talented individuals. Moreover, technical companies are facing more challenges in recruitment. Students are asked to provide resolution on such problems, and they are given difficult assignment and HRM case studies. Students seeking help with HR case studies can contact our human resource assignment help professionals for the assistance. Our experts entertain short deadlines at an economical price as well.
  4. Diversity and Equality in HR: As explained by our HR Assignment Help experts most of the companies are multinational and, as a result, race discrimination comes into the picture. For example, a company based in the United States has employees from Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department to allocate teams to the people from different nationality without being biased. It emerges as one of the challenging areas for the students to work in remote teams. Assignments from Diversity and Equality in HR are focused on such cases and problems. To solve this homework, taking online assistance from our Human Resource Assignment Help experts is a wise call.
  5. Performance management of employees: It is the section that concerns the year-end evaluation of the employees. After a year comes to an end, managers interact with the employees and talks about the various performance measurement parameters. This meeting outlines the shortcomings and guidelines to improve further. According to our HR Assignment Help professionals, during such meeting, managers and other employees face conflict due to lack of understanding among them. HR department has to make effective performance management systems that can sort the problems and let employees evaluate their performance on their own.
  6. Learning and Development : Organizing training and development sessions for the new recruits and the existing employees is another important area that is managed by HR professionals. New recruits learn about the existing frameworks, policies and guidelines to work in an organization. However, existing employees may take sessions on new technology and frameworks that are being introduced by the company. Learning and development sessions are important and nurture the skills and understanding of employees. Students who are looking for the assistance with Leaning and development in the HR department can check the assignment samples provided on our website. You can buy HR assignment solutions as well.
  7. Employment law : Keeping employee interest in mind and creating policies is the foremost activity performed by the HR unit. A newly appointed recruit gets a joining letter with all the conditions and undertakings. As told by our Human Resource Assignment Help professionals, these undertakings are formulated as part of employment law. Students studying HR management learn this practice and engage in the creation of employment laws and policies for the organization.

Challenges Faced by Human Resource Management

Our HR Assignment Help professionals have laid down some basic points regarding the challenges that are faced by HR department:

  1. Employee management : Most efficient employees are the assets for any company. So retaining them for as long as possible is a tough challenge for the HR department. So to ensure employee satisfaction along with the upgradation of their skills and aptitude is a must for HR department.
  2. Compensation and benefits : There is always a competition among different companies in terms of compensation and benefits which are given to the employees. Our Human Resource Assignment Help professionals describe that the HR department along with finance department has to come with the plans to determine the wages and budget.
  3. Talent management : The HR department faces a regular labour shortage to maintain the competitive potential vis-a-vis other players in the business. So they have to manage the selection and performance to sustain the workforce.
  4. Diversity management: The diversity in any organization now includes work style, generation, language along with the traditional view of race, colour, sex, creed etc. So according to our HR assignment help tutors, HR department must understand the need of maintaining the diversity so as to maintain the work efficiency.

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