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Prior to analyzing the coverage of newspapers, fittingly there should be anunderstanding of the nature of newspaper reporting and it roles as well as itsgeneral attributes in theoretical and practical perspective. Newspapers are aprimary source of research in understanding the culture and ideas of a givencommunity within a historical context. The local press reports the history of thecommunity, day by day, or week by week. Generations have grown up withsignificant portions of their knowledge derived from, reinforced by, or contradictedin newspapers. Community newspapers, particularly those which reach aninterested and involved audience, are in a position to not only reflect the culture of the day, but to ensure its continuity (Brown W. E. et al. , 1997). Newspaper, as amass media may counter the tendency to morselize


personal experiences and helplegitimize the translation of private interests into collective attitudes (Mutz D. C.,1994). The purpose of the newspaper has always been to keep people informed of events around the world as well as those in our backyard, events that directly andindirectly affect us and the rest of humanity and our planet. There is substantialpredictability of news preference patterns when stories are structured along fournews dimensions: significance, prominence of principals involved, normality, andreward (Badii et al., 1980).What is news? News can be defined as anything that interests a large part of thecommunity and has never been brought to its attention before. In other words,news is what people are talking about. News is new. In other words, news is achange in the status quo. But does a change in the status quo guarantee that anevent is newsworthy? News is not just a change in the status quo. It is a change of consequence in the status quo. In a very real sense, news also can be defined aswhat reporters and editors say it is. They are the gatekeepers, allowing theaccounts of some events, but not others, to reach the reading public. And there areother factors that sometimes can determine whether an event is news. Theseinclude the prejudice of the management, the size of the paper, pressure fromadvertisers and the news hole, or the space allotted to news.Still, news professionals agree on at least seven main factors that help themdetermine if an event has consequence, if it is news. These are:Impact

How many people does the eventaffect?

How seriously does it affect them?Proximity

An event will be more important if is closer to the readers.

An earthquake in a far-off land isnot as interesting as one that isclose to home Timeliness

Is the event fresh?

Is it new?


Isolated personal experience, attitudes or beliefs.


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