Index Page For Assignment Submission

You can leave video comments on student assignment submissions. Comments can be added before or after grading a submission.

You can also add text comments or audio comments.

The images in this lesson are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps.

Open Course

In the Courses tab, tap the name of the course you'd like to view.

Open Assignments

Tap the Assignments link.

Note: All assignment types can be viewed in the Assignments page, but submissions can also be viewed in the page for their respective assignment type.

Open Assignment

Tap the name of the assignment.

Open Submissions

Tap the Need Grading status link [1].

Note: If you want to filter submissions by a different status, tap the Submissions link [2] and apply the filter in the Submissions page.

Open Submission

Locate the student's submission and tap the name of the student.

Open Comments

Add Comment

Record Video Comment

Tap the Record Video button.

Start Video Recording

To start recording, tap the Record button.

Stop Video Recording

To stop recording, tap the Stop button.

View Video Recording

View your video recording.

To send your recording as a comment, tap the Send icon [1]. To delete the recording, tap the Delete icon [2].

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  • Group assignments will appear in the students' assignment list on their Section Home page. Clicking the assignment name with the group icon will open the group assignment (A).

  • For students, group assignments are made up of two areas - group workspace (A) for collaboration and submit assignment (B) for turning in the final group project.

  • When students enter the group workspace, the name of the assignment (A), the group that the student is associated with (B), and the topic (if entered by the instructor) is displayed (C). Also displayed are the instructions for the assignment as well as any instructor attachments and web links.

  • Clicking + add a new post (A) enables students to collaborate and send messages and files within the group. Raise your hand (B) provides students with the option of including their instructor on the message (sent to the instructor home view message center).

    The group workspace supports a threaded discussion amongst the team members for each post, as well as the ability to start and add posts on new topics. Students can attach files to a new post for reference (C).

  • Connect tracks the level of participation and activity of each group member, which is visible to other team members and the instructor (A).

  • Students are alerted each time a new post occurs in their group's workspace (A). They can click the link to go directly go to the group workspace for the assignment.

  • When students have developed their final draft, the submit assignment tab (A) is used to attach a final submission (B) and leave any necessary comments (C) for instructor review. Clicking the submit assignment button sends the group response to the instructor. Additionally, the other group members will receive confirmation that the assignment has been submitted in their student message area on their respective section home page.

  • Students will receive a confirmation that their assignment has been submitted successfully. Each student in the group will also receive a notification in their message center on their section home page that the assignment has been submitted and by which group member (A).

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