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Nowadays, social media change most of people’s lifestyle. Many humans have spent a lot time to communicate in social lives. It is difficult because it has advantages and disadvantages. However, I believe that topics have many reasons of benefit in our life. That, I will describe in my essay.

Relationship is very important in our modern life, but society has full of schedule activities, so, the social media make influence in our communications. When, person to person talk and share together can be growth intent communications. For example: many youngster share status in Facebook about their feeling and conditions, so, the other will know about him, and give responds of their status, than he will answered again, until make a conversation in his status. Above us sample describe communication not just talk in live but in facts, users of social media has growth networks communication of the world.

Firstly, social media be transformed information, for example: almost of students in Indonesia search information with internet, he finished tasks, exercise and homework via email, just attach or reply answer of their teacher, and the children get resulted of their exercise from instructors via email. In fact, it is very simple and easy causes just in front of laptop, we can send and get information from another people. Another sample again, such as: trainee of IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is test of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Members can register at using email, so members can submit their essays with one essay per a days, and submit their speaking. Days later, send your result via email or can see it in website That is really useful and helpful members of IELTS.

Secondly, social lives such as: Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram. The aims of growth of network societies. In simply of sample, when we connected with our friends because of academics, we meet friends of schools from friends of playgroup to friends of College. Facebook is a bridge communications with our friends, what is more, many humans like this technologies so many member spent full of day time in social media, they happy because of it.

To sum up, I think that basically human live more enjoyable it in their lifestyles, however, negative effect like we spend our time, nothing is make people bored with it. On the other hand, society need to make sure that they still take a relationship via social media.

Modern forms of communication such as email and messaging have reduced the amount of time people spend seeing their friends. This has had a negative effect on their social lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Undoubtedly, the movement of modern forms of communication has changed better, which help people to interact to others, such as email and messaging without limitation time. I totally agree that using of these soft devices have cut much of time people need to see with their relatives. However, it is had some demerits on their social lives.

Mentioned to societies life style, they constantly use these kinds of electronic letter for making fellowship or just continuing theirs what they already had. Obviousness, there are other ways like social media that they could to use it for meeting theirs buddies such as Twitter and Facebook, also make the communication become feasible and limitless of time.

Another perspective, using of these facilities has influenced netizens to keep themselves becoming unsociable. It caused they were swept away by virtual atmosphere, so they do not do much social live interactions with others. The consequence of this case made some people become geek, as too much of using email and messaging, without direct contacts. However, people have had own minded to keep connection with their friends as a good relationship, meet them and talk by face to face directly.

In conclusion, I admittedly and strongly agree that the merits of email and messaging have reduced amount of ours time to communicate to. Besides, we need to make sure for the real gathering with our colleague.

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